It is required that you take immense caution in deciding on a custom home builder in the Gold Coast and Brisbane, having knowledge and expertise in home building and luxury custom home trends. You can assure that your housing structure will last for a long time as well as look as unique as you! Custom Home Trends are significant to follow since they have been time-tested and have been widely used. 

Here are Custom Home Trends that you should consider.

Office Space For Your Home

With everything the world has thrown at us over the last few years, one silver lining has been the ability to work from home! An incredible number of industries have proven that it is possible, so the humble home office is taking pride in luxury custom homes.

Once just a small dedicated space, there has never been a higher demand for builders to provide a state-of-the-art custom home office with all the bells and whistles! Furnishing an entire room into an office space gives you the right to strive toward new heights when working in your home’s comfort. Latest touch screen projectors, coffee machines, massage chairs and stand-up desks are a must-have in your dedicated office section if you want to stay on trend!

Inviting Natural light

The sunrays provide vitamin D, which is essential for the excellent health of your bones. It is also a natural antidote to depression. Apart from the mentioned health benefits, there is another reason why homeowners are opting to include daylight in their living space. The intrusion of natural light gives the illusion of being in a bigger home. Skylights, huge ceiling to floor windows, stacker doors are all just a handful of ideas to bring the outside in! 

Beams For Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are used throughout the house to add aesthetic value and greater functionality. Homeowners are constantly demanding a custom home builder on Gold Coast to construct beams in their ceiling using which they can hang their light fixtures, hanging egg chairs, even custom-made hanging day beds. Brookhaven homes have an in-house designers and architects to ensure that your ideas and dreams for internal spaces can be brought to reality. 

Devoting Ample Space to Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where you can revitalize your energy. Therefore, it is essential that you have various amenities here to give you a more relaxing experience. For example, you can have dry heat or electrical saunas installed in your bathroom and a bench placement. These luxury amenities are easy to maintain and reduce your cost of venturing out to avail of sauna services. I mean, what is more amazing that being able to step into your own private sauna?! Incredible. 

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island can be used as an extra storage space and as a dining table during meals. Kitchen islands are not a new home trend by any means, however, they have really taken a turn for the luxurious! Everything from curved island benches, to extra wide or extra-long, this home trend eliminates the need for extravagant spending on dining tables while ensuring maximum space usage since they can be accessed from all directions. The possibilities are endless and be sure to explore every avenue when you have a great custom builder and a great architect at your disposal. 

Installation Of Bidets In Washrooms

The world is grappling with the thought of future toilet paper shortages, and this is when the bidets have come to the rescue. It has a well-connected water supply and appropriate drainage system in place, thus making it an exceptionally sought-after trend while building or renovating homes. Your luxury home builder and you should absolutely consider installing this luxury addition. 


Custom home builders are there to relieve you of the stress when your home is under construction as they are well aware of the luxury home Trends that will make you productive in the confinement of your house. You can be assured of translating your vision of a perfect home into reality since the builders are experienced and reliable names in the market for home construction and renovation.

Best Custom Homes Brisbane, Gold Coast, combines the builder’s input and your home needs. Therefore, you should contact a reputed builder to see that everything is being done to give you the best! You can approach Brookhaven Homes to get bespoke construction services to suit your style and requirements. Reach us at [email protected]