If you’re in the market for luxury real estate you’re likely thinking about whether you’d like to purchase an already built house or build your dream home from scratch.


Choosing to build your own home may sound overwhelming at first, but it is also an incredibly exciting opportunity that allows you to express your creativity and design a home that can cater for your ideal lifestyle. There is a multitude of benefits that come with choosing to design your own home – these are just a few.


  1. You’re in control

When you decide to go with a custom design house builder, you’re in full control of the building process from start to finish. You can tailor every detail exactly how you want it. Everything from the floorplan through to light fixtures, cabinetry, and floor coverings are entirely customisable. Love living in a home flooded with natural light? Want an outdoor space where you can gather all your friends for weekend drinks? Whatever you can imagine, you can design in.


  1. There are limitless options

Choosing a custom luxury builder removes all the limitations associated with buying an already built house. Prefer someone to be with you every step of the way, and for professionals to handle the design and implementation? Or want to have as much input into the process as possible? It’s entirely up to you how the building process goes, and how involved you are.


  1. You can express yourself

Whether you enlist the help of an interior designer or do it all yourself, there’s no better way to express your individuality than through designing your dream home. You might decide you want a feature wall splashed with your favourite colour, a reading nook to display all your books, or built-in shelving to display your trinkets. There aren’t many better ways to get creative than by designing your dream home.


  1. Functionality is maximised

Everyone knows how important functionality is in a house. By building your own home, you can tailor the designed-in functionality to suit your lifestyle and maximise every inch of useable space. Whether that means clever storage solutions, extra garage or shed space, or in-built custom features to make daily life easier, you can make sure your future home will make life easier for you.


  1. You can have your choice of location

Always dreamed of living by the beach? Or is your ideal home situated in the idyllic countryside? Building your own home lets you choose exactly where you want to live. No need to worry about annoying neighbours or traffic noise – it’s in your hands exactly where your home will be.


  1. Your builders will use only high-quality materials

Building a quality luxury home means using only the best materials, from the concrete beginnings through to the final finishing touches. Your builders can tailor materials used to your personal preferences; always wanted a grey marble kitchen top or glossy wooden floors? The choice is yours.


  1. You’re in full control of your budget

There won’t be any surprise expenses when you’re overseeing the entire building process. It’s up to you to decide exactly how much you spend throughout the building process, and where your budget is going.


  1. Your builders have a streamlined process in place

By choosing a custom luxury builder, you’re getting the help of a team who know the building process inside out and have the expertise to ensure they can fulfil your vision. No need to worry if you’ll forget anything – they’ll have a streamlined process in place to make for a smooth and efficient experience.


  1. You can design in energy efficiency

While difficult to control when buying an established house, designing your own home allows you to minimise energy usage. Are you interested in solar power? Or looking at minimising water wastage? Building your own home allows you to maximise energy efficiency, and reduce your future utility bills.


  1. There’s room for future-proofing

The best kind of home is the kind that can grow with you. Whether you’re thinking there could be kids on the horizon, or you’re considering making space for aging parents to move in, designing your own home gives you the flexibility to make the most of the present while still preparing for the future.


These are just some of the benefits to consider if you’re thinking about getting started on designing your future home. By choosing a custom luxury builder, you’ll have help from an experienced team every step of the way to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

SO what next??

If you have a dream home in mind, let the team at Brookhaven Homes bring that dream to reality. Our team is on hand to guide you throughout the entire process to ensure you have a pleasant experience every step of the way.